Let the challenge begin in Korea! Representing Thailand.

Have you missed us the whole of last week? We missed you too! We were in the land of K-Pop at the invitation of Tiger Beer, where they did a massive launch in Seoul, Korea.

Our owner and Head Chef Thanyaphad Tanapermpassaphon flew there for a "face-off" with Korea's Michelin Chef Tony Yoo, to see who can cook up a storm of a feast that goes well with our very own beer!

Various bigwigs from the culinary world and the media were out in full force for the event. So were K-Pop superstars including Super Junior's Leeteuk and singer-actor Kim Dongjun! Lucky us!

KinMoo – One Of The Best Thai Noodles I Had In Singapore

23 Apr 2017

It's all about the oodles of noodles at KinMoo, which sells delightful Thai street food, from fried wonton noodles to mixed pork rice to steamed egg. It's the taste of Thailand; right in the middle of Bugis...

The Straits Times - Yummy Thai Street Food

31 MAR 2017

While a Bangkok holiday is always a treat, I find fewer reason to go these days. So much of what I enjoy in the Thai capital - the street food and strong Thai iced tea - is available here.

One of the newest Thai restaurant is Kinmoo in Tan Quee Lan Street. The 50-seater, which opened in January, is owned by Ruldoph Tan, 35, who worked in marine fuel oil trading; his Thai wife Thanyaphad Tanapermpassaphon, 30; and Mr Tan's former colleague Lei Tsen Siang, 57.

Kinmoo means "eat pork" in Thai and that is what diners do at the restaurant, seeing as how 90 per of the menu is dedicated to it....